A Mom’s Struggle with Pumping

Pumping on a work field trip with my coworkers in the background haha

Disclaimer, I’m about to be brutally honest. Please don’t let this discourage you because of MY experience.

Here it is: I HATE PUMPING. I really, really, hate it. It is such a hassle and it is time consuming. I would much rather breastfeed, but I can’t; because I am a working mom. I work part time, 20 hours per week, and I have to pump. If I don’t, it hurts, bad. Been there, done that! My breasts get engorged and they become super uncomfortable; not to mention, they could leak and then my shirt would get stained at work, I’d have to change… it’s a whole thing. So, I have no option but to pump.

People in my building that don’t know me probably wonder why I carry so many bags in with me. I carry my work bag and pump bag, sometimes I carry my purse and lunch bag in too; I probably look like a bag lady.

While at work, I usually pump twice throughout the day. Which ends up giving me about 3-4 bags, 3-5 oz each, of milk that I either freeze or use up the next day when I drop Jude off at my mom’s. I also pump super early while in bed on the days that I work so that I can get an extra bottle for Jude when I drop him off in the mornings. So it kind of slows my mornings down.

I use a Madela pump, which I think is pretty loud, so that can be annoying. I’ve been doing it for a year now and I still despise it. I think that it’s mostly because there are so many parts to deal with when getting it all set up. At times, it’s inconvenient because I have things to get done at work and it forces me to stop what I’m doing to go pump.

Fortunately for me, I have my own office with a door. I keep a taped sign on my door so people don’t disturb me while I’m pumping. On the bright side, it gives me bonus breaks all to myself throughout the day. The other upside to this is that I have a pumping bra, so I don’t have to sit and hold the bottles and usually, I end up multitasking.

Again, this is my personal experience and I just find it annoying. But I totally do it with the mindset of “This is for Jude”. Other moms that I know exclusively pump and that is totally OKAY too. You do you mama!