Succulent Care

For starters, thank you for shopping with us!

If you haven’t already, take your new plant out of the packaging and place it near a sunny spot, but not directly in the sun. You do not have to water it for a couple of days, however, you should always check the dirt to make sure it is not too dry or too wet.

Secondly, please excuse any mess that the succulent might have caused during its traveling adventure to its new home. We try our best to secure our plants in a way that the plant is safe from damage but also secure enough to hold the dirt in the pot. Unfortunately, once the package leaves ours hands, it goes through many up and downs as it makes its way to your home. We have to rely on the carriers to delivery it in a gentle manner, but that is not always the case. Your consideration is very much appreciated and if anything gets ruined beyond repair, please let us know how we can make it up to you!

Now for the fun part, caring for your new buddy:

During the summer and warm months, it is recommended to water your succulent every 7-10 days

During the winter and cold months, it is recommended to water your succulent every 14-21 days

I recommend doing the “baked cake” test and poke the dirt with a toothpick to get an idea of how dry or wet the dirt is. If the toothpick comes back “dirty” then you do not need to water it. If it comes back clean, then you can add a little bit of water.

When watering your succulent, never water the leafs of the succulent, water the edges and base of it directly on to the dirt.

The amount of water to use depends of the size of the pot and succulent. I use a small syringe.

Mini Succulent 1/2 syringe 

Small Succulent 1 syringe

Medium Succulent 1-2 syringes

Large Succulent 2 syringes

Always, make sure you pull off any deaf leafs or leafs that are too wet, for they can cause rotting. If any leaf falls off and it looks intact, plant it directly into the dirt, it might grow some roots.