Holiday Gift Guide

More often than not, we end up with tons of toys for our little ones during this time of year. And while we’re extremely grateful, we are also aware of our space limitations and the ever-changing attention span of children- we hate to see great toys be tossed in a corner because of lost interest. So when it comes to holiday gift ideas for our son, we try to think about items that he needs, rather than wants (he is only 1 after all, and doesn’t really understand the whole gift-exchange process). 

One thing we really value are gifts that provide experiences, such as zoo trips or amusement parks. These gifts are educational, fun, and can be experienced by the whole family. They also make create memories and photo ops!

We have also been thinking about the importance of monetary investments, such as trust funds, to help invest in the future of children. The increasing cost of education, healthcare, and more in the US is daunting. Knowing that we are creating a monetary safety net for our little one definitely helps to ease the stress! 

But it can be really difficult to have these conversations with family members when they are excited to get your baby a toy. One way to ease into this discussion can be by simply providing a list of wants and needs, with a quick sentence about the relevance of each!

If toys are a must-have from family members, try providing a list of STEM toys (science, technology, engineering and math). These sort of toys focus on teaching some fun and basic skills within those categories and sharpening developmental skills. The best part of these toys is that they are gender neutral, both boys and girls benefit from them! 

We hope that these tips and tricks help and if you want to further discuss them or ask for advice, feel free to reach out to us and be sure to check out our list below! 

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Jude’s 2019 Christmas List:

Books (bilingual ones are always great)


Sippy Cups

Long Sleeve Shirts


STEM toys

Winter Coats/Clothing for Snow

Pocketed Silicone Bibs

Big Boy Towels