How to: Piñatas


You will need: (pictures coming soon)

  • Cardboard (you pick how big or small)
  • Mod Podge Or Elmer’s Glue
  • Scissors
  • Streamers
  • String (sturdy enough to hold your piñata!!)
  • Masking Tape
  • Cardboard tubes (from the center of a paper towel or toilet paper – be sure to cut it to the thickness you want your piñata to be)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint brush
  • Disposable cup
  • Water
  1. Begin by picking out the shape and color scheme you want for your piñata. In this example, I will walk you through the steps for a red heart piñata.
  2. Draw out the heart on to two pieces of cardboard and cut each one out. Also cut out the sides of the heart that will create an “edge” or “wall” for the side of the piñata.
  3. Take the cardboard tube (depending on the sizes of the piñata, you might use 1-3 tubes) and hot glue them to the left and right side of one of the hearts (imagine the hearts split in half) and maybe one in the middle. Then use the second heart and use it as a “lid” and glue the exposed/unglued part of the tube to the other heart. Make sure they are secure and will not fall off after the candy is added at the end.
  4. You will then begin to tape the edges/walls of the side of the heart on to the two main pieces of the heart (which are now one big heart.) You will use a lot of tape for this part. Use 1” pieces of tape and tape them side by side about 1” apart. If you are making a big piñata, I suggest taping on the inside and outside of the piñata.
  5. Once the heart is one unit with both sides and the edges taped, you will pick a part at the top of it to cut out the hole for the candy and for the string that will hang the piñata. This part is important because it will be what holds the piñata up in the tree and it has to withstand several rounds of kids hitting it. You will then use a strong chord, wire, or even string and poke a small hole through each end of the piñata (from the outside in) and pull them up through the center of the piñata. If you need extra support, you can even use one of the cardboard tubes as reinforcement. Note: If you do this, you will need to glue an additional tube in the middle of the heart, insert the chord like mentioned above then wrap it around the tube. If you use the tube as reinforcement, make sure to use lots of hot glue. Then pull the string up through the middle where the hole is.
  6. Once your piñata feels secure, then we can begin to wrap it up in the streamers. This is where you can get creative and do alternating colors or different shapes. Sometimes you can find streamers that are already pre-cut. If you don’t then you will have to take scissors and do slits/cuts on the streamers and make it look like a fringe.
  7. If it is precut, begin by diluting your glue with some water- but be sure not to make it too runny. Take your paintbrush and wet the cardboard piñata and slowly glue the streamer to it. You will work your way from bottom to top. If you use alternating colors, do 2-3 rows of each color before you change to the next. When you get to the top, where the hole is, wrap it up just like you were doing, this part is no different. It may take several hours for your entire piñata to dry.
  8. When the piñata is fully dry, you can start putting your candy and goodies inside. After it is filled up to where you want it, close the hole at the top. You can do this by taking more of the streamers and covering it up to glue it into place. (If your piñata, is really big, you might want to fill it up with candy at the location of the party to make it easier to transport it.)
  9. Don’t forget that although there is a string sticking out of the piñata, you still need a long rope to hang the piñata and to pull it up and down. And most importantly, don’t forget your piñata stick!!

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