Party Planning

Jude’s First Birthday

Let’s be honest, 1st birthdays are for the parents! At least for us it was. We wanted to celebrate our first year as parents to our first born. The most happiest, craziest, hardest, and most sleep deprived year of our lives! One year olds don’t remember these kinds of things, but we do. I’ll admit, I was so excited and I went all out for Jude’s first birthday.

First things first, the theme. This one was pretty easy for us. My sweet sister gave Jude her favorite children’s book for Jude’s first Christmas, “Where the Wild Things Are”. By the time Jude was turning one, it was pretty obvious to us that we had a first class wild child on our hands. So we picked a Wild Things theme for his 1st birthday.

Second was the location. Jude’s birthday is at the end of August. We knew it would be pretty hot and muggy. I originally wanted to celebrate it indoors in case it rained but we opted for a park. We researched parks near us and found an awesome park that had a huge splash pad for the kids. It was easy to call and reserve the picnic shelter. Because I am a planner and overthinker, I also reserved our church as a backup in case it rained.

Third, the number of guests. We don’t have a huge family, but we have lots of family friends. Since it was Jude’s first, we wanted to invite everyone! Once we had a total we could commence with real planning.

Fourth, the decor. So, as a first time rookie mom, I resorted to using Pinterest. So many cute ideas popped up. I created a private board and shared it with my sister so we could both look up ideas. Once we decided on the things we wanted to do, I hopped on Amazon and ordered what I needed. I also used tons of Target decor as well. When I buy things like this, I try to be as generic as possible so that I can recycle them and use them for future events. So instead of sticking to items with Wild Things themes, I stuck to colors and accents that matched the theme.

Fifth, is the food. I did not want full meals served because it would be cheaper to have finger food and the party was scheduled at an odd time. Instead, we opted for a trail mix bar, jello cups, fruits and veggies, a dip bar, and cupcakes. For drinks we did juice boxes and caffeine free drinks for the adults.

Sixth, the piñata. A MUST have! I grew up with piñatas and it is easily one of my most favorite memories from my childhood. Not only do I want my son to experience that too, but I also want to expose his cousins, aunts, and uncles to this part of my culture. If you’re interested on how I made his piñata, click here!

Lastly, the set up. I wanted to have a timeline of Jude’s growth from NB to 1 year old. I did this by placing photos of his growth up on a board. My family and I are huge on pictures, so I did a picture arch with props and it was so fun taking pics with everyone. I did small gift bags for the kids filled with candy and toys. Lastly, I had cute signs throughout the tables that said things about the book.

One of my favorite things to do and possibly my hidden talent is to event plan. I’ve done it a lot and really, truly enjoy it. His 1st party was a success and so much fun to plan and enjoy. When I plan events, I think about the cheapest way to do it, if my guests will enjoy it, what the kids will enjoy, and most importantly if WE enjoy it. If we don’t enjoy the party we are throwing, then what’s the point? You’re devoting time and money to this, you should also enjoy it.

Have fun ideas? Write us and let us know!!