Stocking for Infants/Toddlers

What in the world can you put inside a baby’s holiday stocking?! 

My husband and I usually fill our stockings for each other with candy/chocolate and a small gift or two, but we had some trouble thinking about what we could do for our baby. Mainly because our baby has not been introduced to candy yet and most kid’s toys don’t fit into stockings. 

So, what I did was make a list of items he needed and might enjoy and then of all those items, I prioritized the ones that could fit into his stocking. Some of the things I came up with were: baby bibs (it was time for new ones), new set of baby silverware, sippy cups, and some yummy baby friendly snacks.

As I mentioned before, we are pretty picky about what Jude eats. It is rare when he eats out and we typically stick to homemade foods (although that’s our preference, there is no judgement here if you do things differently with your baby!) So when it came to picking out some baby friendly and healthy snacks, we chose Nosh’s peanut butter puffs, Plum’s Mighty bars (pumpkin/banana), and Happy Baby’s creamies (strawberries and raspberries). These are all baby friendly and really tasty and I know Jude will enjoy them. 

See the pics below of his stocking getting put together. 

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